We are so excited to be meeting again in person with so many of you! What a joy to see people and to enjoy sharing time together worshipping the Lord and hearing His word. I want to thank all those who have been able to come for bearing with us as we social distance and wear masks. No one likes it I’m sure, but it has enabled us to gather to encourage one another in the Lord!

We are at a place where registering for the service is no longer necessary so we will stop that immediately. We will continue to ask for you to wear a mask until you are seated and while singing. We will continue to do this for a few more weeks, as well as work to maintain social distancing.

Starting in September, we will take several steps in a return to “normalcy”. Our life groups will be starting back up on Wednesday, September 2nd. We will have a time this Sunday after each meeting for you to talk with life group leaders and to sign up for a group. You can also find more about life groups on our website – click here for life group info.

We are also returning to live worship starting Sunday, September 6. We will start with a small worship team and build back to a full team as we continue to move out of this season.

I am excited to see and hear what God is doing in each of our lives. We are excited to see the church growing as God adds new families to us. And we believe this is going to continue here and across God’s church globally.

As always, please don’t feel pressure to join us until you are comfortable but we long to see all of us gathering together again and continuing to accomplish God’s purposes in our communities! Please join us Sunday as we continue to find all God has for us as we get a Fresh Start!

Have a blessed day!

Pastor Jim