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God has so many blessings in store for us. Most Christians are aware that God’s Word contains promise after promise of good things He has done for us and good things He wants to put in our lives. The problem is most of us wait for those promises to drop into our laps.

If you wait for the good things of God to happen to you, you will never experience them in your life. Receiving requires action. God’s promises must be possessed.

Good news-God also gave us a divine how-two manual for taking hold of these blessings. The book of Joshua is a model teaching us, as Christians, how to overcome obstacles and bring God’s promises into the reality of our day-to-day lives. Use this in-depth study of Joshua to:

-Move beyond your past and anything else holding you back

-Live full of passion, strength, and courage –

-Share in the Lord’s victory over the enemy and bring His dominion into your life

God has good things in store for you. Learn to possess what’s yours-your full inheritance in Him.