Insights Ministry is about understanding “God’s Insights for Life”. The purpose is to seek God on your behalf for “Strengthening, Encouragement & Comfort” [1 Cor 14:3].

Have you ever wondered why you are here? What is your purpose or “destiny” here on earth? Or maybe you are facing some significant event or phase of life and would like some insights into all of this? The Bible teaches us that God wants to speak to us so we can gain His insights into our lives. Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice” [John 10:27]. We can also hear His voice for other people, the bible calls this prophecy, and it is available to all members of the body of Christ. In short, we are simply seeking His counsel and Insights for your life.

Frequently asked questions about Insights Ministry

You can sign up here. On the day you have signed up for (after the second service), we will have a team of 3 or 4 people, who are gifted in this area, they will pray with you, and share with you any insights they are sensing or “hearing” for you. This will be done in a private setting away from disturbances and will take no more than 10 minutes.

Depending on the session’s outcome, we may suggest certain follow up in the form of counseling or ministry in the areas covered during our time together, e.g., business, financial, relationship, health, or any other specific areas. The goal is constructive growth & change in the areas of Insight.

If you already have a relationship with Christ, then the Holy Spirit within you will resonate with what you are hearing, and you will sense Him effectively saying, “pay attention”. You will intuitively know the relevance and application to your life, the Bible teaches us that the Holy Spirit within us will “lead us into all truth.” The ministry team can’t and won’t try to do that for you. The Bible teaches us that we “know in part and prophesy in part” [1 Cor 13:9] and it also teaches us to “test “all “words” from Him [1Thes 5:20,21]. Some parts of what the team will share with you may really impact you. Other parts may have less impact or not at all. You should focus on what speaks to you and leave the rest alone, or park it for later thoughtful prayer. Our hope is that something shared resonates in your heart with what God has already been speaking to you personally.

If you don’t already have a relationship with Christ or are unsure, then likely some things shared would only be known to you, and only you would understand the relevance and application to your circumstances or situation. Hopefully, this will cause you to think about what has been shared with you in the coming days.

When you have some significant event or situation in your life or are seeking God regarding the next phase of your life. You may be facing a major decision that you are uncertain about, or there are events taking place that don’t make sense to you, or you feel out of control. If you don’t get the answer you are looking for, then keep seeking Him in your own personal times.

Insights Ministry is not a substitute for your own ability to hear God for yourself, this isn’t to be used on a casual basis to find your “spiritual to do” list for the coming week! Nor is it some fairground “reading”. The examples in scripture relate to specific reasons for seeking God’s counsel, or next steps. You may have already heard something specific from God and are seeking confirmation.

If you are looking for this more than once or twice per year, then you are more likely to need good godly counsel and we can guide you in that direction.

The vast majority of people are deeply impacted by this time, and by that, we mean 90+% of people. How do we know this? At the end of each session, we ask for honest feedback regarding accuracy, relevance, and your personal connection to what was said. So, when we say the “vast majority”, we know that to be a fact.

Conversely, it is extremely rare that an individual leaves without being strengthened, encouraged, or comforted in some aspect of their life.

Everyone on the team has been through training in this area and already has a “track record” of accuracy and sensitivity developed over several years. One member of the team may be relatively new to this area of ministry and is there to observe and grow in the use and operation of this gift from God.