Relationship Principles

In a world where relationships are disregarded and treated poorly, the members of Grace live by 5 relationship principles. These 5 precepts allow us to live together in unity and resolve any conflict quickly and correctly.

Principle #1: The Faithfulness Principle

Faithfulness to a relationship means loyalty to a person. When problems are the primary focus of a relationship, principles are laid aside in order to air differences, and the importance of sharing feelings often takes priority over character.

Our Commitment: Faithfulness to our relationship outweighs the importance of any offense between us. I will not allow any problem to override the principles by which we live.

Key Verses: Psalms 133:1-3, I Corinthians 13:7

Principle #2: The Final Word Principle

We believe God’s Word. We should also believe the words of our friends. If we respect the words we hear from each other, we do not need constant assurance of the well-being of our relationship. We can be confident that all is well because we have not been told otherwise.

My Commitment: I will believe and act upon the last words we spoke concerning our relationship, and live as if you will do the same. If anything changes on my part, I will inform you.

Key Verses: Ephesians 4:15, Proverbs 14:5, I Corinthians 13:7

Principle #3: The Friendship Principle

God is the only one who knows what is in a man’s heart. One should not expect that a friend discerns what is happening inside him. Therefore, the need to be understood is met in friends by communicating with one another.

Commitment: I will not expect you to interpret my actions or recognize my heart’s condition. It is my responsibility to approach you if I need your help.

Key Verses: 1 John 1:7, Proverbs 14:25

Principle #4: The Four Day Principle

Resolving conflicts preserves friendship. Offenses between friends are spiritually, emotionally, and physically harmful. Bringing issues to closure within a reasonable amount of time maintains the health of a relationship.

My Commitment: I will not allow any problem I have with you go unresolved for more than four days. If, within that length of time, I have not come to peace about the issue, I will communicate with you.

Key Verses: James 3:17-18, Matthew 5:23-24

Principle #5: The First Word Principle

Jesus instructed us to go to an offending brother privately. When we obey Jesus, we are able to reconcile with our brother much more easily than if we had revealed the issue to others before seeking him. This also prevents the potential of others taking up a secondary offensive.

My Commitment: You will be the first person to know about any problem I have with you.

Key Verses: Matthew 18:15,  James 3:5