Fasting Day 1 – Contemplation

During our worship time at Grace this past Sunday, the Lord showed me a very simple image – a dry-erase board. Written on the board was my to-do list, and in one wipe across the board, the list was gone. Everything on my mind, everything that had my focus, and everything that I had “to do” had disappeared. And in its place was a blank slate. The funny thing is, I didn’t feel empty, instead, I felt intently focused on what God was about to say to me. This is what a time of prayerful contemplation looks like.  When we clear the decks of our hearts to make space for what God has, we can intently listen. Too often we rush into prayer with our lists, thoughts, and questions, and we don’t make time to open ourselves to see what God has on His mind.

Today as you fast and pray, please don’t rush into your lists with God. Instead, every time you feel the hunger for whatever you are fasting, take that very moment to stop and rest in God’s presence. Ask Him what’s on His mind. Ask Him what He wants to talk about.  Ask Him to share His heart with you. You may be surprised at what you hear.

 – Pastor B

For further reading, try reading these passages today:

Psalm 46

Isaiah 40:31

John 14:27