Grace Gives Back

Our heart at Grace is to impact our community. We have been serving the families of Harrison Lane Elementary through Night of Hope for several years now. This year, we are extending a lending hand to support and honor the teachers at three school locations. This includes Harrison Lane Elementary, but it also includes both the HEB Elementary DAEP and the HEB Secondary DAEP campuses. Each month we will encourage their staff and administration as they impact the children and youth in the HEB school district. Every teacher and staff member is an asset to the school district and a vital part of our community!

This Month’s Need

We will be serving refreshments to the staff at all 3 schools along with appreciation cards from our members. We will also be requesting handwritten cards from families, life groups, and others at Grace with scripture or encouraging notes for school staff (available at the Welcome Desk). You can sign up to write cards using the form below. Please bring your completed cards back to the welcome desk before the first Wednesday of the month starting in September.

Each month, Grace gives $250-$1000 to support our local schools. Would you consider giving a financial gift toward this, or setting up a recurring gift weekly or monthly to join us for an on-going basis? Thank you for making an impact!

Make a Donation

Each month, Grace gives $250-$1000 to support our local schools. Would you consider giving a one-time gift or setting up a recurring gift?

Pray for local school staff

We encourage you to regularly pray for the staff of each of these schools as well as their administration. Pray for God’s favor over them, his safety over their campuses, and that God will reveal Himself to each student.

Harrison Lane Elementary

71 Staff Members/ 575 Students

Principal – Shannon Huber

Assistant Principal – Brandi Anderson

Elementary DAEP

11 Staff Members

Coordinator (Principal) – Valen Tutt

Facilitator – Trisha Evans

Staff Attending Grace – Irene Cedillo

Secondary DAEP

21 Staff Members

Coordinator (Principal) – Sonya Stanton

Staff Attending Grace – Jayson Wiles

Write encouragement cards

Our team delivers cards to staff members. These cards can include prayers, verses, or just simply encouragement. Sign up below, and collect your cards in the lobby this weekend!