Why go to a Marriage Conference?

My kid has a game that day.

We’ve got full schedules.

I’m not sure I’m the conference type.

Saturday’s are my day to rest. 

I’ve heard all the reasons not to go to a marriage conference. Sure, you can take the day to rest, fish, shop, hunt… but why trade what’s best in your life for what’s good for today? On Saturday, March 23, you have an opportunity to invest in your marriage. You know, that marriage you committed your life to? The one you are building now so that when the kids move out, the passion between you both is still burning red hot. Your marriage needs to stand firm as you deal with anything from infertility, kids growing up, retirement, and every other life change. Your marriage must be strong when life happens, which requires putting in the work now!

At Marriage Works, there will be fun, great food, and three incredible speakers encouraging you to build a marriage that stands the test of time. You want to be there… so register today! The cost is only $25 per person, and lunch and childcare are provided.  What are you waiting for?

 – Pastor Brandon